:.duckgramz..Please re:view:for witness protection:complaint: filed
w/  Vermont Senator James Jeffords..
:.note the reference to having prior knowledge of the "hostile
takeover"of his Burlington Office..it is a fact..I gave bpd a
heads-up, and they laughed it off.. Same supervisors I had filed
complaints on before..saw to it, by "doctoring" the paperwork..that
I get busted when the feds' complained about me..it's all on the
record..I was @ Sen.Jeffords office, his staff promissed to get in
touch with me.. never did..contact your Senator, have him take a
"second look"..
:.a wize person changes opinion, practice, policy.. :.&..procedure, when they realize what they
are doing is not working.. :.&..That, is NOT the same as, "flipflopping" on an issue..

it is ok to change your mind.. that's the value of Education.. it enables  an alternative..
:.The Response..from Sen.Jeffords.. :.&..will be uploaded march 21st.. (needS to be scanned).. :.duckgramz..
as of March 3rd. Police have gone back to sitting on their hands:.&..tickling themselves..
:.&..only you believe they care or behave as Professionals.. there is always a way to help
or to hinder, they choose the latter..
:.RE:.take over of Sen Jeffords St. Paul Street Office..The Burlington Police Department..SHOULD have contacted the Senators office: Protocol: Keep Confidential Files
Locked..personal property out of the office :.&..when Protesters walk in..staff walks out..call Police and there is no issue of hostages..of course that is just too much like
good police work :.&..thank you for the heads-up.. :.duckgramz.Thursday, march 6th, 2003.. still haven't gotten letters scaned..webmaster advised I have reached limits
of this sites memory.. I have also created several "java errors'" that Idon't know how to correct..will be upgrading  site:soon..then will install court video..where the States
Attorney delares to the Judge:re:Rodreques:they don't know who eye am or what eye am talking about..same Attorneys' that refused to listen to several young girls
involved, willing to testify..refused to talk with det.art  cyr..bpd.. refused to, :.&..still NOT LISTENING..:>&..you wonder why the problem gets worst.. :.duckgramz..
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:.NOTICE.. Law Enforcement & Vt. Sen. Patrick Leahy, see only the things that suit their own purpose.. There is No
shortage of "Intel", the problem is that Nobody Listens:. Three days after filing affidavits with Vt. Sen. Patrick
Leahy, the FBI knocked on Dr. Parkers door.. The first thing out of the agents mouth was "We Hear You've Been
talking".. The discrimination towards whistle blowers continues..
Follow up Affidavits.. Connecting Christal Jones with the girls in SRS
custody involved with the 9/11 terrorist network linking the Bronx NYC; Burlington Vermont, and the Seattle Wa. mosque ( D.C. Snipers ) :.The reason for not
solving Christal's murder.. To prevent these issues from seeing the light of day..

:.Solving the Murder of
Christal Jean Jones..
:.Below is a letter to Burlington Free Press reporter Matt Sutkoski [ E:Mail msutkosk@bfp.burlingtonfreepress.com ] in reguards to his article
about the "Christopher Williams" Essex school shootings.. wouldn't you think a reporter would want to interview someone that claims the
shootings were preventable?.. not in this community.. It's all about 'Image' over substance..the reporters are all the same: ask them yourself..
contact Adam Silverman at the Burlington Free Press..
E:Mail[ asilverm@bfp.burlingtonfreepress.com ] He can't be bothered.. nor does he have permission to open this can of worms even if he
wanted to..
:.duckgramz..the time line of murder..  :.&.. The cover-up of negligence by Law
Enforcement: State SRS: (child protective services?).. The "Officials" have backed
themselves into a corner..They have taken the usual :.&.. Predictable behavior of :delay
deny: :.Discredit anyone that dare to hold them accountable.. I dare.. Below:.&.. With
these buttons.. You can see the time frame of "Intel" provided to Law Enforcement..they
did shit..they are the ones that keep the drug trade going.. The reason that the Public has
been feed the propaganda of the "SEX RING"..Is to divert attention from the fact that
this is a "DRUG RING" with/sex..that fact distracts from "WHO" the "Handlers" of these
people are..that is the DEAR.. :.&.. The Federal Prosecutors that allow violent sex
offenders to continue to prey on the most vulnerable, :.&. To continue there business of
heroin/crack distribution for narking out a few pot heads.. The murder of Christal Jean
Jones: can be solved..but it will not be solved by the people whose negligence will be
exposed by the investigation.. That is why I am searching for homicide
investigators/authors that have the knowledge.. Resources..ability to investigate
:.&..Document their findings for publication.. IF you believe that the Political power is
not influencing the investigation..Think again.. I am a professional whistle blower,
continually denied the due process of law because I complain about corruption by public
officials.. Review the time line of Notice to Law Enforcement :.&..My arrest for smoking
pot @ a regularly scheduled press conference while running for the Publicly Elected
office of Chittenden County States Attorney..Police Affidavit LIED..and changed from
the complaint being  filed by the "federal under covers" to an anonymous phone call..
read..ask questions :.&.. Do what the Press refuses to do.. HOLD PUBLIC officials
Publicly Accountable.. Understand.."They" portrayed Chrystal as  a junkie..she was not..
"they" don't care if drug addicts/junkies kill each other off.. :.&.. More have died as a
result.. These notes document the Burlington drug trade network.. The buttons above
:.&.. Files below connect files supplied to Vermont/Federal Law Enforcement.. They
don't want to hear it.. Unless of course it suits their purpose..
:.duckgramz..the only words ever spoken to me,  by
Vermont Senator: Patrick Leahy.. were.."nice hat"..on the
Church Street Marketplace..on a quick jaunt around town..
:.&.. to say hello to :Lois: the hot dog lady..his button needs
pushing..I had asked him, since he was investigating the FBI
in Washington,DC.. why didn't he investigate the FBI in
Burlington, Vermont.."nice hat".. here is his button..
THE FBI..good luck
:.duckgramz..can't find a button that works..
:.Eye in the Park..
Essex School Shooting..
:.You may need to save document, then open..
Article: Dr. Parker..
:.John P. O'Neill FBI..
:.Frontline.. PBS..
:. Doctor Parker..

:.An Assault on your political sensitivities..
:.Rag on..
Vermont's Willie Horton..
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:.William R. (Willie) Horton..