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From :  Kathleen Wright <>
Sent :  Monday, May 24, 2004 8:14 PM
To :  paul duprat <>
Subject :  NYPD
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I found out about chrissy's death at 11:30pm Jan 8:am the next morning I called Det Concepcion at NYPD like BPD told me to. At one point in the conversation I asked him if Chrissy's things were there at the apartment with her, like her shoebox full of pictures of her family. He stated that all of Chrissy's things were burned at another location. I accepted that at the time but then some time later started to think about what he said about a fire. A few months after that I asked JH if she knew what Det Concepcion was talking about and as soon as I mentioned his name she asked me to repeat it and when I did she said he used to get oral sex from the girls. In a conversation months earlier I got the feeling he knew Evelyn Flores personally (it was her apt that Jose was bringing the girls to). I told SC what JH had told me about oral sex and she said that it could be true. The Free Press sort of confirmed this by interviewing the neighbors down there. As printed in the paper the neighbors said well dressed men and woman were coming and going to and from the apartment all day every day.
And yes, the NY Medical Examiner had her suspicions about the Det, and even though he told her it was an overdose she said she didn't believe him and conducted a thorough medical exam. She stressed this to me by saying "Do you understand" after she said that Chrissy was too healthy, young and pretty, and she didn't take the cop at face value.
Also, I've been told by a woman who is in contact with the girls that BPD uses the girls for sex here in Vermont.

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