:.duckgramz.. Special thanks to Vermont artist Sandy Mayo for the 'native American face' and the photography.. The
location of the photo is directly behind the Oasis Diner showing the loading dock at Boutilier's Art Center, the shot was
to use the effects of blocking one letter in the tag on the wall in the background.. That's why the photo is used without it
being cropped, the 'Bout' on the loading dock symbolized the serious heroin problem this and many communities are
:.POTATO PROSTITUTES.. Two little potatoes are standing on the corner of Church &
Cherry Streets.. One is a prostitute.. How can you tell which one is the prostitute?.. It's
the one with the little sticker that says... I-DA-HO..  
{:.Thank You Jenn H.}
::.Yes.. Even prostitutes have Civil Rights..
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No Spell checks or Thesaurus' ever harmed in the writing of these :.duckgramz..

:.Serious issues in the light hearted 'tweaking' of the 'Republican Right'..
:.duckgramz..ask :.Mike Moore.. to investigate more stupid white men.. re:view the Howard Dean treatment of
whistle blowers..due process of law..Please view his web:site: buy :.&.. read his books.. see ":.Bowling for Columbine.." write
to :.Michael Moore.. ask Mike..
:.duckgramz..:.I  wrote to Mr. Moore, and asked for his help, since Howard
Dean has done nothing but screw me over,  I wanted to know of Mr. Moore's
experience to refer to Howard Dean as a "Nice Guy".

:.They treat you differently at the top Mike.
. :.Or have you forgotten..
Thank you for taking the time to review this website: I am not a website designer, I :.I was and
play with words, make points, present issues, and have some fun in these very serious issues..
Am a detective that was born :.&;..Raised in Burlington, Vermont..:.I.. Just as my dog
Fred..know the difference between being kicked, or being tripped over.. That is why on February
13th, 2003, I, the Real :.Defective?Detective..wrote to Detective Mark Fuhrman..@
markf@kxly.com :.&..Asked that he investigate the murder of Chrystal Jean Jones.. :.&..  The
negligence of SRS: Law Enforcement: :.&;..The Political Policy:Practice::.&...Procedure of
Former Vermont Governor, Howard Dean,MD..effected to prevent public accountability for
responsibility.. Please write to Detective Fuhrman, and ask that he take this case, and light a fire
under their incompetent, mean spirited asses':.&.. :.dickqduck..
:.anyone knowing Cherries' website, Please
:.Native Vermonters enjoy a game of chess in City Hall Park.. brush off the snow from the table, and it's game..
I get my inspiration from listening to many a wise women.. The photographer that I
have selected for the catalog/calendar..though her work is excellent was selected not
for her quality in photography.. But for the quality of :.Integrity.. That she as a mature
women can teach by example to all the generations.. This site:is MY artistic endeavor:
drawing upon the best in the business to lead by example the distinction between
having:.REAL?REEL..Constitutional Rights to Freedom of Speech to redress the
government : due process of a professional whistle blower..:.& :.I have absolutely,
holy :.&..Undeniably no intentions of remaining SILENT..I WILL BE HEARD.. :.&..The
manner of my speech will be Civil.. :.That is why I have selected Elise as my
photographer: Please view her works:
I'm Tired of Lovers
coming and going
in my life,
Like so many coffee breaks
and each one I dare to savor
leaves a stain on my cup,
a bittersweet taste in my mouth
and a puddle of tears in my saucer..

Elise T. Marks
copy; 2002 Elise T. Marks..
:.Elise's Works..
:.Linda Lovelace..
:.Obscene..(adj)..Indecent in a repulsive or very offensive way..
:.Prostitute..(v)..1.To make a prostitute of, prostitute oneself..
:.Time Tramp..
:..There's always room for CHELLO..
:.Nothing Else Matters.. Apocalyptica..
:."I look in the mirror and I know that I've survived"..
Christina Amphlett "I Touch Myself"
For all you Christian hypocrites

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