:.Berkshire Armored Car Robbery Page 1..

:.Notifying Authorities..
:.Attempted Victim Contact..

:.Notice filed..

:.The Berkshire Armored Car
:.January 31st, 2002..

:.The Largest Armed Robbery In
Vermont History..

:.This page documents the efforts to
Notify the Victim that Intel is
available to solve this crime, and
demand the Confidential Informant
be paid the REWARD Offered..
:.Berkshire Armored Car Robbery..

:.If you believe that law enforcement 'turns over every
stone'' you simply watch too much TV..

:.The FBI also refused to listen to 'Intel' at the time of
the Crime..

& your impressed with the 'penny loafer police'..

:.page 2.. The Legwork..

:.Notice to law enforcement
:.The Rutland Herald..

:.They act like their doing You the favor when they
finally respond..