:.Common Law..:.Spirit & Intent of the Law.. :.What the people proclaim as acceptable conduct..
:.Statutory Law.. :.The King proscribes..
:.This page documents the City of Burlington's false affidavit to the court that I was never
employed and they refused to hire me.. This case started me on my refusal to pay any fee's For
professional Regulation' to the state of Vermont for my armed private detective license or the
Defective Detective agency license.. Here's what happened.. I was working security at Memorial
Auditorium and after a short time was being considered to start an in house security detail.. When
the responsibility changes from working as an employee to being responsible and acting under my
"Professional" license I need comply with the industry standards and applicable laws.. The general
manager was not only stealing money he took over all the various aspects of the venue including
the catering of food.. He was observed taking people plates when they were done eating and
returning the united food to the serving trays to be served to other people.. This promoted my filing
a complaint with the mayors office and the Vt. Department of Health.. That caused me to get
immediately terminated (see letter of termination).. I filed a civil suit for unlawful termination, and
the short of it was their friends on the Board of Private Investigative and Security Services
'confirmed' that I never worked there and never received any compensation.. Both facts false.. I
submitted my  wAppeals obviously documents I was employed) and professional reports, but since
they are all in bed together my complaint was dismissed.. Appeals to the Vt. Supreme Court was
fruitless.. The one thing that the letter of termination was correct about was that I'd never again
work in Burlington.. They sure saw to that.. And you think official investigations are accurate..
Think again..
:.Here is How "Officials" delay/deny&discredit the "Whistle
Are you keeping track of the dates and people involved.. Do you believe that "Stalking" is a serious complaint
and merits a complete and honest investigation..  Note the 'Investigative findings' that NO COMPENSATION was
accepted, then reread the notice of termination and note of compensation paid.. The Supreme Court accepted the
City response that they refused to hire me as opposed to their having fired me.. How can you dismiss and make
wage payments if a person was not hired.. Basic logic.. They lied..
:.S-0133-98Cnc.. Pattern of Behavior..
:.Just because your beyond accountability dosen't make
you right..
:.:.Do you believe that removing a bomb from a public area is an important 'security concern'..
Do you know how 'Officials' responded..

:.The Complete case file can be viewed through the Chittenden County Superior Court..
Docket # S-0133-98Cnc Defective Detective VS. Censor Secury & Burlington Square Mall..
my 'reward' for literally defusing a very dangerous and volital situation was to be issued a
Notice of Trespass from the Mall for a year.. think the Board of Private Investigative and
Security Services reversed the decision and addressed the security issues of the guards
destroying the "Intel" provided them..(This way it never happended..) Why.. Because it's more
important to maintain Vermonts 'image' of cows and quiet villages without the impact of
interstate gang violence.. are you keeping track of the names of those involved along with the
investigators and 'Board Members"..  Think the security company wanted to know more..Note
the questions raised by the security company in reguards to my license status, the date and
response by "Officials".. or better yet pack a lunch and spend some time at the court house to
review the case file..
:.Letter of Response by Chief Michael Schirling..
Burlington Police Department..
:.Letters to Rutland Police chief Anthony Bossi,
:.Copy to Rutland Herald Day City Editor Alan J. Keays :.&.. General
Manager Ms. Catherine Nelson..
:.Can you tell the difference between a' Mac" and a 'road apple'..?
:. Do you know what you're being feed..?
:.Here is the response by Rutland City Police..
:.This page is being worked on.. files need be uploaded and organized.. this page documents behavior of the City of Burlington.. :.&.. The behavior of
security companies and Burlington square mall in reference to a very dangerous developing situation where a person built a bomb for protection from gang
members.. The people I've complained about have been promoted to head the board of private investigative and security services.. Well Now your safer..
:.Vermont's Largest Armed Robbery Investigation..
:.How Professional.. Rutland City Police and FBI..
:.Berkshire Robbery page 2..
:.So Much for the belief that in an investigation..
:.'No Stone Unturned'..
:.&.. You believe in the movie version of police behavior..

:.Revolting Behavior..
Fiduciary Due Dilligence
By Elected Officials..